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We class adults as over 16 years of age who are no longer require a license to work from the local authority.


Why apply to Spotted?

Spotted is an exclusive agency. We keep the numbers of adults on our books low in order to provide a personalised service to them and to our clients. We aim to keep a diverse range of talent in each division and in each age group on our books. We work closely with all our talent so that we can submit them for the right jobs.

We aim to nurture all our talent. We are a talent agency primarily and submit our talent for model work too. You are welcome to apply without training or experience and if you only require model work the agency will need to pass your application to our model department for assessment, so please state this in the messages section of your application.

Sole representation

From 1 January 2020 Spotted became a sole agency. This means that you cannot be registered with other agencies.


How does the agency earn its money?

The agency earns commission on work secured for its adults.

How do I apply to join Spotted?


The Spotted books are open three times a year and dates are advertised in advance on social media and via the Academy section of our website.

To apply you will need to submit an application using the ‘Apply to Join’ page when the books open. 

Sadly, we do not accept postal or email applications. Should your application be successful, one of our team will contact you via email, or phone, usually within 14 days.

If you are unsuccessful then you are more than welcome to apply the next time the books are open. 


What are the costs to join Spotted?

There are no fees to be represented by our agency.  We do however ask our artists to cover the cost of their own fully searchable website where clients can view and select artists for work.

Adults: £40 per annum for a fully searchable website and downloadable app to record availability.

Do you only accept applications from certain areas?

Most auditions or castings are held in London, Manchester and Glasgow.  Typically, we say only apply if you are within 1 hour’s commute of these two centres as most of the castings are at short notice. 

However, we will accept applications from further afield but please bear in mind you may need to attend for castings at your own cost.

More and more castings are now being requested via a self-tape. A self-tape is where an actor films themselves, often reading a script, and submits this to the agency from home.  This means that there is less of a requirement to come to the casting centres for the initial casting but there may be a requirement to travel there if the artist is recalled to meet the director. 

Overseas applicants

We are accepting applications from overseas actors however we will look at your applications on a case by case basis to determine what the requirements will be for visas to work in the UK. 


We are frequently seeing more submissions for work overseas for our adult division. If you wish to be submitted for such work, please ensure that you have a passport with at least 6 months validity on it when applying or alternatively notify us if you do not wish to be put forward for overseas jobs.


We like to meet all our adult actors. If accepted, we will telephone to discuss a mutually convenient time to meet.  This is so that we can really understand the type of work that you are looking for and only submit you for the right roles.

During the application process please notify us if you are currently in a stage production. We will make every effort to attend so that we can assess firsthand performing skills and this will help with decision making. Please note in the messages section if you only want to do certain work e.g. Stage, TV, commercials when applying as this helps us enormously during the application process.


It’s important to show performers off to their best potential and our photographers ensure that the style of photography on our website stays uniform and to a high standard.   

We will arrange an annual headshot photography session that you may like to attend.  This gives us an opportunity to discuss the year ahead and changes in role requirements if any.

Do you take on extras?

An extra is someone who may just want a walk on or non-speaking part.  We ask if you do not wish to be submitted for extras work that you state this in your application note.

Does Spotted accept all applicants?

Sadly not, we will only take on applicants that we feel currently best suit our client’s needs.

Equal opportunities

We welcome applications from all adults regardless of age, gender, race or ability.

What happens to my details if I am unsuccessful in the application?

Under GDPR legislation we do not retain any information concerning adults who are unsuccessful in their application and their information is deleted.  We take privacy and personal information very seriously. Please see the privacy policy on the website.

Will you guarantee me work?

No agency can guarantee you work since the amount of work depends on a variety of factors.  It is important to understand that it is the client and not the agency who chooses the models and talent for all their campaigns. The agency will submit you for all jobs that you are suitable and available for.

We receive many casting requests a day. It is important that you have up to date headshots and sizes on your profiles so you can be put forward and be seen by our clients.

What is Spotlight and can I join as an adult?

A condition of joining the agency is that where you are eligible you are required to join Spotlight.

Spotlight is a company that "connects performers to roles in theatre, television and film productions".

Unfortunately, only adults who meet specific criteria can join Spotlight. To join Spotlight, you need to be professionally trained or experienced.  Working as a supporting artist, dancer, model, singer or any promotional work doesn’t qualify you for membership. To become a member, you need to have either:

  1. Formal drama training to graduate level. 

  2. Or have had speaking roles in at least four professional productions (in either television, film or theatre).

Whilst from time to time we do receive work for non-spotlighted actors/actresses the majority of casting requests do require spotlight accreditation.  Please bear this in mind when submitting an application as roles maybe more limited. 

Auditions and Your Commitment

Most auditions, or castings, are received by the agency at very short notice, usually the next day. Being available to attend will obviously increase your chance of success with us.

Most auditions are usually held in London, Manchester and Glasgow.  So, accessibility to these centres is key.  Whilst it is desirable to live within 1 hour’s commute to London, Manchester and Glasgow we will accept applications from further afield who are ready to commit to the industry. 

Please note that casting fees may not always be offered by production or typically do not cover the full cost of travel so please bear this in mind when applying to the agency. 

The agency will always advise you at the time of booking in for the casting whether travel expenses will be payable by the client.

We would love it if you can make every audition, but we understand that you may have other commitments of your own.

We provide a calendar for you to inform us of holiday dates, or other general unavailability.

The Academy

Throughout the year we will be offering casting, acting workshops and headshot sessions for adults.  We will also be monitoring the type of work coming through e.g. sword fighting skills or accent workshops and we will hold relevant talks and sessions to increase the likelihood of success at castings. See the academy page of the website.

Further help and advice

If you need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact

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